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If your end goal is to enhance your brand, make more money or quickly turn impeccable work to stakeholders, trust Jill Collins: She can help.


To take your organization to the next level, consider Jill Collins an extension of your team for writing, marketing and data needs.


With a portfolio that spans industries and decades, Jill Collins’ passion for writing, marketing and data is well-regarded by clients.

About Jill Collins

Realize your goals with perspective, creativity and clarity

Jill is a proven and trusted partner when it comes to really understanding an organization and its culture. By all means this is a result of her unique resume that includes 20 years in various industries across corporate America and nonprofit organizations. As a result, she is a data-driven thinker whose goals are to increase revenue and relationships by writing quality, targeted content.

Marry wants and needs with logistics

Above all, Jill offers forward-thinking organizations unique ideas to advance their goals and missions. Moreover, she does this with great perspective, creativity and clarity of vision.

Her talent lies in marrying a client’s wants and needs with logistics. For instance, by first defining high-level messaging and communications strategies, she then executes them across various marketing channels. Additionally, Jill has extensive experience working with marketing data and databases to analyze, segment and properly target data.

Keep lean and operate ‘mean’

So, if your core business strategy includes keeping lean, while operating ‘mean,’ consider giving Jill a shot. Also, if your team is time- or talent-strapped to complete a marketing or data project, Jill can support the team in a short-term, ad-hoc or long-term basis.

Industries Jill has served

Through the years, Jill Collins has built a substantial resume of writing, marketing and data services. As a direct result of being exposed to a vast array of exciting, compelling and important subject matters, she is given the opportunity daily to branch out into new industries.


  • Addiction and recovery
  • Aerospace and aviation
  • Banking and mortgages
  • Behavioral health
  • Defense and military
  • Elections
  • Education policy
  • Healthcare
  • Heavy process industry
  • LGBTQ issues
  • Maritime (commercial and yachting)
  • Politics
  • Real estate
  • Telemedicine

In her first writing job out of college, Jill learned two valuable lessons that helped form the framework of her career:

1. Everyone is replaceable. Without a doubt, this sounds depressing. In fact, this realization simply reiterated Jill’s mid-western upbringing of working hard and being honest. With this in mind, it cemented the fact that it was up to Jill to prove her value constantly … and then repeat it. Indeed this may explain why her career in marcom has led to a passion for data analytics: Data doesn’t lie.

2. She can quickly become a subject matter expert on just about anything. Working as an editor in trade magazines where young, poorly paid writers came and went, Jill was forced to educate herself—and quickly. Eventually, when the Editors-in-Chief asked Jill to chip in stories, she quickly came to a startling realization: “I can write feature articles—and good ones—on a range of subjects. I am a subject matter expert!”

Consequently this concept has taken Jill through a career in which she has been a marketing subject matter expert in aerospace, banking, elections, education policy, health and human services, heavy industry, maritime, mortgages, politics, telemedicine, addiction, recovery and behavioral health and much, much more.