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Data is the yin to content’s yang:
Data analysis can help lead content creation,
good content can increase traffic, and so on. 

Contract Data Projects

Big data is here. Use it to improve performance.

Data analysis goes hand in hand with being a marketing professional. Without reservation, Jill can pinpoint the moment she realized this. 

Following her foray into using Google Analytics to research the results of a monthly newsletter, she found her passion for data analytics. Specifically, in unlocking the keys to drafting compelling content an audience actually reads.

Unquestionably, the experience taught her that data is the yin to content’s yang. In other words, data analysis can help lead content creation, good content can increase traffic, and so on.

Additionally, data is a powerful storyteller. For instance, once extracted and analyzed, you can gain insights, develop new strategies and execute plans with sound direction.

Use data to drive great content development.

Fundraising with Raiser’s Edge

Finding money in non-profits’ donor databases.

Years ago, Jill took a short respite from the creative side of marketing to focus solely on data management. In short, she wanted to support non-profits on a much broader scale.

Since that time, she has used Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge to find money in various non-profit clients’ databases. Consequently, she is able to turn around flailing fundraising efforts.

Additionally, Jill helps organizations migrate from Raiser’s Edge 7, eTapestry and other databases to Raiser’s Edge NXT. Creating policies, procedures and step-by-step work instructions along the way, Jill trains teams to become self-sufficient.

In many organizations, data plays the role of a quick afterthought in the marketing and communications process. In light of this, Jill makes it her mission to help shift that organizational perception.

Along with the establishment of best practices in data analytics, hygiene, entry, reporting and strategy, Jill helps create an infrastructure leading to greater ROI and more impactful stewardship.

Don’t allow data to be an afterthought in the fundraising process.

Contact Jill today for support.

We hired Jill to lead the conversion of our Blackbaud constituent management database [from eTapestry to Raiser’s Edge NXT] and set our team up with the tools and processes to use the database successfully and in best practice. Jill led the conversion in record time. She trained staff, liaised with IT, created interim reports and was sensitive along the way to the needs of the people for whom she was leading this critical project.

Jill remains on call to help us problem solve when needed. She is a joy to work with and brings expertise, professionalism and humor to the table.

We are grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Jill and would highly recommend her for those looking for a project lead who over delivers on schedule, and leaves the organization a better place.

Alyssa Crockett

Executive Director, Care Fund

Data Services

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