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Breathing new life into brands is what Jill Collins at j.comm marketing does. By developing high-level messaging, and then executing it into various marketing channels, Jill revitalizes customers’ vision and perception in the marketplace.

Marketing Consultant

Enhance your image in the marketplace.

Jill Collins has a great passion for marketing, because it encapsulates so many channels of the written word, and is an ever-changing digital world. In particular, she enjoys supporting clients as a marketing consultant. This is because she is able to help so many organizations enhance their images in the marketplace. And ultimately, increase revenue.

Unlike other professions, marketing often allows people the ability to prove value. And what makes Jill most successful (and clients most happy) is her mission of ‘moving the needle’ by providing:

  • A solid strategy
  • Quality copywriting
  • True ROI

Marketing is not, and never will be, a precise science. Instead, it’s a feeling, a perception.

Delivering a message that resonates with your audience is Jill’s goal and her strength. So is building a message you can be proud of. If you can’t remember the last time you updated your brand, it’s time.

A marketer’s work is never, truly done. There’s always an A/B test to perform, a tweak to be made to the copy, a set of data to analyze, and a new technology to be learned.

And Jill wouldn’t have it any other way.

Marketing Services

Audience segmentation &   strategy
Blog content
Customer & donor   interviews
Direct mail
Editorial calendars
Email content
High-level messaging
Keyword identification
Marketing plans
Public relations
RFP responses
Social media
Trade show execution
User experience (UX)
Website architecture &   content
White papers