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A foundation in journalism helps Jill Collins at j.comm marketing see the big picture, then transfer it into words that capture the spirit of an organization.

Freelance Writing

Writing is tough. Hire a seasoned professional.

Jill began her writing career as an editor in trade publications. Starting out in journalism provides the perfect framework for building a foundation as a successful writer:

  • You learn to look for angles people will care to read.
  • You hone your skills under amazing editors-in-chief.
  • Your eyes become a visual highlighter in search of just the right words, phrasing and layout.
  • You are able to write from all angles, find details others miss and identify sidebars and great quotes from every interview.

Many organizations need freelance support with writing, because the creativity that comes along with developing the right themes takes time. The research and discovery phase takes time, as does drafting just the right messages for the audiences you seek to capture.

The act of journalism is inspiring. But, if you long to see the bigger picture, and break the cycle of an editorial calendar, you need to branch out. These aspirations led Jill to corporate communications, to marketing, and eventually to data.

It’s her foundation in writing that helps Jill see the big picture, then transfer it into words that capture the spirit of an organization.

Experience like this doesn’t come along overnight.

Contact Jill today for support. 

Writing Services

Audience segmentation &   strategy
Blog content
Communications plans
Customer interviews &   testimonials
Editorial calendars
Email content
High-level messaging
Keyword development &   adoption
Marketing plans
News releases
Public relations
RFPs responses
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Social media
Talking points
Trade show materials
Website content
White papers